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The CARESTREAM DRX-Ascend has just the right configuration to meet your most pressing needs in the present, with a clear upgrade path for the future. All at a surprisingly affordable price. Start with an analog, CR or DR-based Ascend System for superb performance and a system that will grow along with you.

  • Economically priced
  • Exceptional image quality supports accurate diagnoses
  • Scalable and upgradable to help eliminate technology obsolescence
  • Wide selection of components lets you configure the ideal system for your needs
The Right Detector for Every Facility

Carestream offers a broad selection of DR detectors. It includes wireless, shareable, fixed, and now glass-free models to meet your demands based on exam type, detector size, dosage level and budget.

Pediatric Solutions

You always want the best diagnostic images possible at the lowest dose achievable, especially when the patient is a child. That’s why Carestream developed our pediatric X-ray solutions.

A Fully Featured X-ray Room at a Remarkably Economical Price

The DRX Ascend is designed specifically for the needs of small-to-midsize imaging centers, orthopaedic facilities, urgent care facilities and hospitals. It offers configurations to cover a wide range of modalities and deliver high-end capabilities – affordably.

  • Future-Proof Design: Offers a perennially viable upgrade pathway – allowing you to step up without replacing your existing equipment. Your investment is secure.
  • Flexibility: An extended tube-column range accommodates sites with high ceilings
  • Greater Capacity: Optional table accommodates patients up to 705 lbs (320 kg)

These units are to be sold installed as turn-key projects.

Easy Upgrade
  • Convert your analog or CR Ascend system to full-digital, wireless imaging with one of our advanced DR upgrade solutions
Broad Versatility
  • System can be configured with a tube stand (either floor or ceiling), table, wallstand and accessories to match your budget and workflow needs
  • Elevating Float-Top Table has a weight capacity of up to 650 lbs and accommodates patient types ranging from pediatrics to adults and wheelchair patients
Freedom of Movement
  • Autotracking features allows floor and ceiling tube stand to track with the table or wall stand in the Z axis allowing enhanced workflow and for the technologist to stay by the patients side
  • Simplify weight-bearing, cross-table and off-table studies with generous range of motion
  • Designed to accommodate advanced future applications
Technologist Productivity
  • Vertical wall stand includes ergonomically designed EZ-Glide hand control to allow operator image receptor adjustment from comfortable standing position
  • Rotating detector tray for table and wall stand allows for quick and controlled manual portrait/landscape rotation of the DRX detector without lifting it out of the tray
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