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Brilliance CT 64-channel with Essence technology delivers value, dependability and performance proven to meet your demanding standards. We’re committed to providing you with the solutions and services that will take you where you need to go in a rapidly evolving healthcare environment now and in the future. The unique Essence technology is at the core of the Brilliance CT 64-channel scanner. Consisting of industry-exclusive X-ray tube, detector and reconstruction advancements to deliver excellent image quality, Essence technology provides the inherent design features that enable new levels of clinical performance.

These units are to be sold installed as turn-key projects.

  • MRC X-ray tube reduces waiting between sequences: With its segmented anode and spiral groove bearing design, the MRC X-ray tube was designed to meet the increased tube performance demands of MDCT and patient throughput, while maintaining tube dependability and inherent capacity for all examinations.
  • Advanced clinical capabilities make your work easier: This system offers a range of new and targeted advances, including low-dose cardiac imaging, 3D volume software, and expanded portal capabilities.
  • Brilliance Workspace options to increase efficiency: The Brilliance Extended Workspace delivers advanced clinical applications to a dedicated PC, allowing staff to improve workflow by working independently of the scanner. The Brilliance Workspace Portal option makes it possible for users to work efficiently with extremely large data sets from a typical laptop or home computer, wherever they are.
  • The Power of two: O-MAR* reduces artifacts caused by large orthopedic implants. iDose4* improves image quality** through noise reduction and improvements in spatial resolution. Together they produce high image quality with reduced artifacts.
  • Scan to Scan consistency: Philips iPatient* is an advanced platform that puts you in control of your CT system today, while preparing you for the challenges of tomorrow. This allows you to plan the results, not the acquisition. It also gives you confidence and consistency 24/7.
  • Begin reading early with IntelliSpace Portal preprocessing: Access, review, analyze, diagnose, and present images quickly, efficiently, and collaboratively with the latest technology with a single advanced visualization solution. It works across clinical specialties, across modalities, and across your enterprise.
  • CT Viewer
  • MPR
  • SSD 3D
  • IP
  • Volume Rendering
  • CT Endoscopy
  • Q-CTA
  • Test Injection
  • Combine Images
Scan Tools Pro:

– DICOM Modality Worklist
– Split Study
– Prefetch Study
– Automatic Procedure Selection
– Bolus Tracking
– Spiral Auto Start

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