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Based on extensive customer feedback and years of engineering, Esaote has designed the S-scan with eXP Technology, an optimized MRI scanner for any practice with a substantial musculoskeletal work-load. The S-scan covers all musculoskeletal anatomy, from foot to shoulders including the most important spine segments including L and C-spine.

S-scan from Esaote, quality in MSK imaging

Since 1993, Esaote has been developing and producing MRI systems specifically for musculoskeletal imaging. Esaote MRI systems are designed and optimized specifically to meet the demanding needs of MSK professionals.

S-scan integrates our 20+ years of MRI experience into a system that provides you outstanding image quality and an easy to use and install system.

These units are to be sold installed as turn-key projects.

S-scan: The Next Step In Office MRI
The Complete Musculoskeletal MRI That Makes Sense

The S-scan with eXP Technology, covers all musculoskeletal anatomy from foot to shoulders, including the L and C-spine. It is perfectly in line with today’s need for efficient and economic health care and is a sensible choice for any practice with a substantial musculoskeletal work-load.

S-scan integrates Esaote’s years of experience in the development and production of dedicated MRI systems and is a complete and efficient solution that’s specifically optimized to meet the demanding needs of MSK professionals.

Esaote, Market Leader In MSK MRI Systems

Musculoskeletal MRI the second most requested MRI study behind neuroimaging. Esaote’s focus is MSK MRI and we have become the world leader in that area. Esaote systems are used daily in many clinics and hospitals all over the world for routine clinical use as well as for research. Esaote systems are unique as they are extremely easy to use and combine excellent image quality with optimum patient comfort.

Efficiency With S-scan

S-scan is an efficient MRI system that’s easy to use, with simple patient workflow that cost-effectively delivers outstanding image quality. Its open design and real-time image display on the gantry facilitates fast and easy patient positioning. With DICOM worklist, network integration, and no cryogens, S-scan’s small footprint makes MRI efficient and cost effective, whether you perform one or twenty examinations per day.

S-scan: Quality In MSK Imaging

S-scan boasts the following system features and capabilities:

  • Maintenance-free open permanent magnet
  • 0.25 Tesla field strength
  • Stand-alone system with small foot print, can be installed in a single room of 18 m2
  • Low Power Consumption: less than 3 Kw in normal 220/110V power outlet
  • Ergonomic rotating patient table with 200 kg capacity
  • Complete set of dedicated optimized coils
  • All imaging sequences used in MSK settings
  • Full set of pre-defined sequences and protocols
  • User-defined sequences and customized examination protocols
  • Multi planar scout
  • Extensive image viewing, analysis and elaboration tools
  • Remote Service Capability
  • Includes eXP Technology package (optional) for faster and better MR imaging
S-scan: Easy Patient Access

Easy patient access is one of the features that distinguishes the S-scan as an ideal system for more advanced applications such as MRI arthrography. The wide opening and compact magnet provide easy access to the patient.

S-scan: Open Gantry And Rotating Table

S-scan features a very wide, asymmetric rotating table. This wide table not only makes patient positioning very easy, it also gives maximum stability and comfort to the patient for an easy setup and better images.

S-scan: Real-Time Positioning

Fast, error free positioning is facilitated by the real-time image display on the system gantry.

S-scan Brio: Intuitive User Interface

Because it uses Windows®, S-scan is easy to learn and use. With a user interface and protocols custom designed for musculoskeletal imaging, exams are fast and simple to perform. Expert users can personalize all scanning parameters and customer sequences can be stored and integrated in the normal menu structure for subsequent use.

  • Intuitive user interface: easy to use Windows® based user interface;
  • A complete software package: supplied with an extensive range of tools to process, display and analyze images.
S-scan: Connected To MSK Needs

S-scan comes with a comprehensive network, archiving and documentation features to work either stand-alone or as part of an integrated environment. As a stand-alone scanner, S-scan has an integrated DVD archive and retrieve software package, printer output facility and a patient-CD package. As a networked system, Sscan
is DICOM compliant and offers smart solutions for connectivity to your PACS and teleradiology.

DICOM Conformance Statements – DCS

Documentation (PDF):

IHE Integration Statements

Documentation (PDF):

Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. 

Technology and features are system/configuration dependent. Specifications subject to change without notice. Information might refer to products or modalities not yet approved in all countries. Product images are for illustrative purposes only.

Medical Outfitters
Medical Outfitters

provides faster overall system response thanks to a number of sophisticated MRI software techniques and a high-power workstation.

By combining sophisticated acquisition and reconstruction methods such as SpeedUp and TR reduction (Patent pending), eXP will substantially improve the MRI examination by reducing scan times and improving image quality.

S-scan takes account of the need for higher through- puts in Radiological settings and Orthopedic practices. It can easily work alongside whole body scanners in Radiology departments, freeing-up the time for major clinical cases therefore allowing you to improve your work flow and provide an optimal patient experience. In orthopaedic centers it can give direct access to MRI without having to make another appointment, saving both time and costs for the patient and the healthcare provider.

With the S-scan, the faster track to MRI for extremities, you can BREAK TRADITIONAL BARRIERS.

S-scan Economics

S-scan is one of the most economical MRI systems available, featuring easy installation, the patented Esaote RF pavilion, low energy consumption, no cryogens, and remote service capability. These features make S-scan suitable for sites with limited patient work-load.

  • Green MRI, Esaote’s MRI systems use a fraction of the power employed by traditional MRIs saving you thousands of $/Euro per year.
  • Low Power Consumption: only 1 Kw in normal 220/110V power outlet.
  • Low running costs
  • Cost effective: low break-even point
Medical Outfitters
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