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Siemens Biograph™ TruePoint™ PET/CT is a flexible, high-powered medical imaging platform. This innovative system optimizes clinical throughput and increases sensitivity and resolution with LSO-based detectors but is designed with budget in mind to make PET/CT a viable solution for your growing clinical practice.

– HD•PET lesion detection
– Routine 10-minutes PET exams
– Advanced diagnostic CT

These units are to be sold installed as turn-key projects.

Higher resolution throughout the field of view with HD•PET

Biograph™ TruePoint™ completely integrates the functional sensitivity of PET with the rich anatomical detail of diagnostic multislice CT. Exclusive technologies, such as HD•PET, TrueV, HI-REZ, LSO, Pico-3D, TrueC and SureView, offer superb image quality for improved diagnostic confidence. With Biograph TruePoint you can be more confident in your ability to detect changes in metabolic activity before anatomical changes become visible.

Largest PET field of view in the industry, increasing count rate performance by >70%

It is time to think big. Biograph TruePoint with TrueV increases the PET field of view by an eye-opening 33 percent in the axial dimension. TrueV is proven to increase count rate performance by greater than 70 percent, giving you the flexibility to lower dose rates or scan times by 50 percent. It provides you with the most functional information possible per PET bed positions and reveals clear breathtaking PET images.

*Based on competitive literature available at time of publication, data on file.

Routine 10-minute PET exams

Biograph TruePoint is built on the most popular CT platform in the world, the SOMATOM® Emotion.* The advanced CT capabilities of Biograph TruePoint enable increased diagnostic confidence and system utilization.

* Based on the number of CT-only SOMATOM Emotion CT systems sold worldwide.


Our unparalleled 0 MHU STRATON X-ray tube has caused a paradigm shift in CT imaging. The tube’s direct anode cooling eliminates the need for heat storage, permitting a compact design and the fastest CT gantry rotation for all applications. In cardiac imaging, where the ability to freeze motion is critical, Biograph™ 40 and 64 provide you with super-fast rotation time, making noninvasive cardiac diagnosis routinely available. To increase temporal resolution, the proprietary STRATON X-ray tube enables a fast gantry rotation time of 0.33 s, resulting in motionand artifact-free imaging of the heart.


The CARE Dose4D feature utilizes an advanced computing technique that provides real-time dose modulation of the X-ray tube current according to the precise shape of the patient’s body during both spiral and sequential scanning.

It reduces the patient dose for low attenuation views, while the dose is kept at a nominally higher mA for high attenuation angles. From the initial topogram, a base mA setting is determined. During the scan, a detector element measures the attenuation through the patient and transfers that information to the output generator of the X-ray tube to keep the mA at a level which provides the accepted image quality.

CARE Dose4D provides these economical and clinical benefits:
  • Up to 66 percent dose reduction while maintaining the same image quality as compared to clinical protocols not employing CARE Dose4D
  • Enhancement of the image quality and reduction of artifacts for scanning of asymmetric body regions, such as the shoulders or scans of the patient with arms alongside the body
  • Lower power consumption and reduced heat load
  • Longer spiral ranges and more flexibility for multiphase examinations, especially for obese patients
  • Low dose examinations for pediatric patients
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A patented solution for multislice CT scanning, SureView provides exceptional image quality at any pitch setting. To acquire a scan, you simply select the scan volume (range), mAs, scan time, and slice width. All other parameters, such as pitch, are automatically calculated by the scanner, ensuring high quality imaging at any scanning speed. For spiral scanning, SureView yields a remarkably low image noise level. To produce the same noise level as sequential CT images, our spiral scan protocols are created with lower mAs and therefore, can reduce doses by up to 20 percent. Specify the slice thickness according to your clinical needs, and SureView automatically provides the best image quality with reliable, excellent performance.

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