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Whole body MRI scanner delivers cross-modality imaging and remote access for real time analysis and diagnosis.

The Siemens MAGNETOM Symphony 1.5T is a full-body, 60-com bore MRI system that provides powerful imaging across all kinds of patients and procedures. Outfitted with Syngo Expert-i technology, the clinicians can access the Siemens MAGNETOM Symphony 1.5T imaging feed from anywhere on the network while a patient is being scanned.

These units are to be sold installed as turn-key projects.

  • Whole body MRI scanner with 60-cm bore delivers a complete range of clinical applications.
  • Versatile unit with powerful imaging technology designed to serve all kinds of patients and fulfill all requirements.
  • Clinical applications facilitate powerful imaging without sacrificing patient comfort.
  • Syngo cross-modality user interface is the basis for all MAGNETOM Symphony applications, delivering expanded capabilities in every clinical MR field.
  • Syngo Expert-i technology allows clinicians to remotely access the MR suite from anywhere in the network.
  • Inline Technology allows clinicians to keep working during image reconstruction and displays image immediately, rather than waiting for post-processing.
  • AutoAlign allows clinicians to reproduce slice positioning with no manual adjustments required.
  • Integrated Parallel Acquisition Technique (iPAT) minimizes scan time up to 75% so patients can breathe more regularly.
  • 2D PACE MRCP without respiratory belt or cushion provides the comfort of free-breathing.
  • Integrated Panoramic Array (IPA) provides flexible combinations of coils, expanding the anatomic range of coverage without coil or patient repositioning — saving up to five minutes per procedure or patient.
  • Phoenix technology allows clinicians to easily access standard protocols to make exams more reproducible.
  • Table lowers to 45 cm, offering patients increased accessibility.
  • Ultracompact 1.5T magnet length: 160 cm (5 ft 3 in)
  • Wide, patient friendly inner bore diameter: 60 cm (2 ft)
  • Magnet weight: 4050 kg (8900 lb)
  • Gradient field strength up to 30 mT/m (52 mT/m effective)
  • Slew rate up to 125 T/m/s (216 T/m/s effective)
  • Large field of view up to 50 cm (20 in)
  • Floor space used: 30 sqm / 325 sq ft
  • iPAT2 allows iPAT in 2 directions simultaneously (phase-encoding direction and 3D direction for 3D sequences).By applying PAT in 2 directions simultaneously, the effective PAT factor can be maximized, and PAT applications are extended.Typical clinical applications are MR Angiography or ultrafast isotropic T1-weighted3D imaging of the head.
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