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When it comes to streamlining staging, planning, therapy, and follow-up in oncology care, the Philips GEMINI TF Big Bore gives you a flexible solution that lets you do more for patients, efficiently. Combining a CT simulator with state-of-the-art PET imaging allows for the integration of molecular information into the radiation therapy planning process. The full 85 cm bore diameter for both PET and CT allows patients to be positioned in the same manner for both simulation and therapy. The rigid table design meets AAPM TG-66 guidelines for positioning accuracy and the 60 cm true CT scan FOV gives you the same capabilities as a premium CT simulator. Astonish TF Time-of-Flight (TOF) technology improves contrast resolution up to 30% compared to non-TOF and provides reconstruction times as fast as 30 seconds per bed.

These units are to be sold installed as turn-key projects.

  • Full 85 cm bore diameter for both PET and CT allows positioning consistency between simulation and therapy
  • Rigid table design meets stringent AAPM TG-66 guidelines for positioning accuracy
  • Astonish TF provides up to 30% improved contrast resolution compared to non-TOF PET
Exclusive OpenView gantry
  • Designed to enhance the patient experience, especially for claustrophobic and pediatric patients, and provide patient access to clinicians
  • Gantries further separate for expanded access and other clinical applications
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