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With Biograph™ mCT, Siemens brings reproducible quantification to molecular imaging. Detect, characterize and monitor the tiniest cancer lesions with reproducible quantification, thus supporting more cost-effective treatment. Quantify absolute myocardial blood flow, to make more accurate treatment decisions and minimize risk to your patients. making more accurate treatment decisions, minimizing risk to your patients. Quantify1amyloid deposits in the brain, to support dementia diagnosis.

These units are to be sold installed as turn-key projects.

Daily automatic calibration and normalization enables consistent performance over time

Biograph™ mCT’s Quanti•QC helps ensure day-to-day consistency in your system response and quantitative reproducibility by automatically performing daily system calibration and normalization.

Precise attenuation through SMART registration technologies

The desire for perfect attenuation correction lies at the heart of our SMART (Siemens Molecular & Anatomical Registration Technologies) research development philosophy. With SMART innovations, Siemens continues to pioneer new ways to address PET attenuation to provide greater accuracy in PET quantification.

Quantitative assessments with syngo

Advanced syngo® clinical applications provide essential tools to get more accurate and reproducible, quantifiable measurements in neurology, cardiology and oncology imaging.

Clinical return
  • Superb visualization, particularly of small tumors with industry-leading 95 mm3volumetric resolution*
  • Increased diagnostic confidence with the finest volumetric resolution* and a 2x increase in signal to noise with ultra HDPET.
Workflow return
  • Reduced time to image review enabled by fast and consistent reconstruction times
  • One-click gating integrated in daily routine
Financial return
  • Attract patients and referring physicians with high-definition image quality
  • Potential for reduction of false negatives associated with breathing artifacts
Patented OptisoHD Detection System delivers the industry’s finest volumetric resolution**

Siemens unique OptisoHD Detection System provides a robust foundation comprised of optimized components that enable peak performance throughout the scanner. Biograph mCT continues to set the standard for image quality by delivering the finest NEMA** and volumetric resolution in the market.

Excellence in cardiac imaging

Biograph mCT provides excellence in cardiac imaging through innovative PET and CT technologies. The patented Prompts Gamma Correction provides clarity in PET cardiac imaging with a reduction in noise while the highly-renowned and compact STRATON™ X-ray tube with z-Sharp™ delivers true temporal resolution of up to 150 ms for motion-artifact-free CT imaging of the heart.

No motion for full HD lesion detection, accurate SUV quantification

HD·Chest is a breakthrough technology from Siemens that eliminates the tradeoff between diagnostic confidence and examination time. An innovative combination of hardware and software, HD·Chest virtually freezes respiratory motion, enabling full HD lesion detection and accurate standard uptake value (SUV) quantification. Best of all, HD·Chest is designed to be as fast as a conventional PET examination, so you can have increased diagnostic confidence without affecting your patient schedule.

Clinical Return
  • Superb visualization, particularly of small tumors with industry-leading 95 mm3volumetric resolution*
  • Increased diagnostic confidence with the finest volumetric resolution* and a 2x increase in signal to noise with ultra HDPET.
Workflow return
  •  Fast and consistent perfusion results with automatic cardiac registration
  •  Generate simultaneous PET and CT results with intelligent one-click segmentation
Financial return
  • Accurate and reproducible quantification attracts more referring physicians and patients
  • Grow beyond oncology with unique quantitative offerings in neurology and cardiology
Half the dose, twice the speed

Biograph mCT is meeting both of the core needs of improving patient safety and increasing productivity, at the same time, through our commitment: “Minimum Dose and Maximum Speed.” By reducing dose and increasing speed, costs are dramatically reduced, while increased utilization can also be achieved.


With CARE (Combined Applications to Reduce Exposure), Siemens has been highly successful in integrating many innovations into the Siemens scanners that significantly reduce radiation dose in comparison to other systems available on the market.


Utilizing FAST (Fully Assisting Scanner Technologies) innovations, typically time consuming and complex procedures during the scan process are extremely simplified and automated, not only improving workflow efficiency and scanner utilization, but also optimizing the overall clinical outcome by creating reproducible results, making diagnosis more reliable and reducing patient burden through streamlined examinations.

Clinical return
  • Half the dose and the acquisition time while maintaining highest image quality
  • Minimum dose, especially to critical patients (children and patients with frequent follow-up exams)
Workflow return
  • Whole-body PET scans in only 5 minutes
  • Lowest possible dose and high-speed workflow enabled by FAST CARE technologies
Financial return
  • Reduce imaging radioisotope costs by reducing the injected dose
  • Attract more referrals by increasing patient comfort with shorter exam times
Maximizing patients base

Siemens engineered Biograph mCT for clinical flexibility and growth, with a large 78 cm bore, short tunnel and a 227 kg (500 lb) table capacity that improves patient comfort and accessibility. Additionally, with features such as a powerful 100 kW CT generator, which provides ample X-ray power reserves for high-quality imaging and HD FoV (field of view), which improves image quality beyond the standard CT diagnostic FoV, Siemens is making bariatric PET imaging more accurate with excellent image quality.

Maximize modality performance

Now you can offer advanced CT and PET imaging with one room; one team; one integrated system; one schedule; and if required, one comprehensive exam. Such clinical flexibility saves precious space, time and cost while maximizing dual-modality utilization and enabling business growth.

Flexible scalability and upgradability

A scalable PET·CT platform is designed to grow as business and clinical needs change. Biograph mCT offers a variety of in-field upgrades, from increasing the number of CT slices up to 128 to expanding the PET field of view up to 21.6 cm. With such flexible scalability and upgradability, Biograph mCT provides returns and referrals now and well into the future.

Clinical return
  • Improve diagnostic accuracy with less patient movement enabled by large bore and fast scan times
  • Expand clinical capabilities on both PET and CT with a complete portfolio of advanced applications
Workflow return
  • Image bariatric PET and CT patients without impacting schedule
  • Streamline dual modality workflow with engineered integration of state-of-the-art PET and premium CT
Financial return
  • Increase revenue with a 78 cm bore for imaging a wider variety of patients and procedures
  • Reduce operating cost by uniting stand-alone PET and CT services into a single integrated offering
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